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VasQX Management Services

VMA will partner with you to set up and operate your own physician-owned, office-based endovascular center.  If you have an existing center, VMA will provide our VasQX management services to improve operational and financial performance.


If you don't already have an office-based laboratory, VMA will work with you to develop one.  VMA will oversee the buildout, procure and set up the equipment and clinical supplies, and obtain accreditation for the facility to ensure it meets the highest regulatory and quality standards.


As your management partner, we will take care of all the day-to-day administrative and business operations while you retain full control of your clinical practice and decisions.  Our VasQX management services include:

Policies and Procedures

  • Development of P&P appropriate to the Center

  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

  • Training

  • Compliance Management

Human Resource Management

  • Recruitment of Administrative and Clinical staff

  • Payroll

  • Labor Law Compliance

  • Personnel Management

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Scheduling

  • Insurance authorization

  • Coding

  • Claims Submission

  • Payment Posting

  • Denial Management

  • Credentialing

Supplies Management

  • Inventory Tracking and Management

  • Ordering

  • Contract Negotiation


  • Front Office Staff and other Administrative Staff

  • Nurses, Scrub Techs, Medical Assistants

  • Drills and In-services


  • Obtain and maintain accreditation with a nationally recognized organization

Quality Assurance

  • Quality Reviews

  • Quality Improvement Studies

Accounting Services

  • Accounts Payable Management

  • Cash Management

  • Bank Statement Reconciliation

  • Financial Reports

IT Services

  • Practice Management/Electronic Medical Records

  • Inventory Management

  • VascuNote


  • Website Development and Maintenance

  • Brochures and Rack Cards

  • Outreach to Referring Physicians

  • Customer Analytics

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